Campagnolo Electronic Group/ Ultegra Di2??

Snippet from Road.cc article posted on 4 Jan.

"Campy Tech Lab have had this system in development for long enough that they must be pretty confident that it will give trouble-free shifting, and it was good enough for a full pro peloton trial nearly two years ago. Will it catch on? Yes, in a word, assuming it's good; we reckon the adoption pattern will be similar to that of Di2. There's no doubt in our mind that in a racing scenario, where you have a mechanic to look after your bike and remember to charge your battery, Di2 is a significant performance enhancement over mechanical Dura Ace. You've only got to use the two systems side by side to feel the difference. At the moment Di2 is the best there is, and more pro bikes than ever will be sporting it this year. Uptake at the beginning was slowed by fears that the system would be unreliable, but there's been very few teething troubles.

And the rest of us? Well, we don't need it. Most of us don't need mechanical Dura Ace either, if we're honest. 105 would probably do. But there's plenty of people who can afford to spec Di2 whether they need it or not, and you'll certainly see it this year on sportive start lines and probably at the local crit or evening ten as well. Sooner or later it'll just be part of the furniture. The trickle down begins this year too with the launch of Ultegra Di2 (we predict, anyway) which will bring electronic shifting within reach of even more people. How far down will the technology go in the end? At least one more level down, we'd guess, possibly in a slightly different guise."

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