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29'er Lasered Graphics

ALLFAB Here in Cols knocked it way outta' the park. Stoked to get these on the 29'er. They're absolutely perfect. Thanks Russ!

More from Toyota, Parlee, Prolly

As always, nice job to John from Prolly for his work on this project.

Official project page from Toyota.

Coors Classic

Sweet set of photos of the '85 & '86 Coors Classic by Chico Cycling Nut on Flickr.

Hoogerland Jersey

Stomach of Anger's Hoogerland shirt will now available as a jersey from Milltag.


Jens in the WSJ

Nobody Suffers Like Jens Voigt
The Veteran Cyclist Is Known for Constant Attacks—and Never Quitting; 'Shut Up, Legs!'
Read the article by Jason Gay in the Wall Street Journal.



We're painting in house now. Our first project for shinya is on the way.

1. DTM epoxy primer.
2. 4 coats of color
3. Logo work in paint.
4. 2-3 coats of ultra hard glossy clear coat.

This is a mid process shot. NOT the final product. If you look at the reflection along stanridge you'll notice a bit of "orange peel".



Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Cervelo) pushes the pace on the Col de Manse climb. Photo: © Bettini for CyclingNews.

...pushed the break all day and selflessly set up his teammate for the sprint victory in the end.


The blood suits him

After much cussing and two crashes, Jens Voigt gets going again.

Photo: © Roberto Bettini, via CyclingNews


Here we are: Stanridge Speed

Adam and Stanridge are currently featured in the Russian magazine Cyclepedia. For those of us who aren't so lucky to be familiar with the Russian language, Adam's transcript of the interview is below.

1) First, please introduce yourself. Your age, where are you from.

My name is Adam Eldridge. Started life in Germany and traveled with family around the USA as a child. After graduation from University I continued to travel from state to state with my first employer. Columbus, Ohio has been my home for 4.5 years. This is the longest amount of time I have lived in one place. Columbus is my home now. I just turned 34.

2) How did you started build frames? Is this business for you or just hobby?

Mechanical objects have always caught my attention. I was the kid that was always making stuff. No game consoles for me growing up. I was always planning and building treehouses, making forts out of huge cardboard boxes, making models and remote control airplanes. Getting older it turned into bikes and vehicles. My father and I were always working on a projects, A vintage Camaro, A GTO. A couple years later the obsession with vehicles turned to BMW. I started working on a older 318 and landed a job with a NA based GT3 BMW SCCA team. I was using my degree creating advertising campaigns for the retail side of the team and on my off time race prepping a M3 for the track. Later, while working in a local bike shop as a General Manager I acquired a Vivalo. The Vivalo really opened my eyes and senses to a true hand crafted machine. I was deep into NJS and Kierin at the time. I found myself enveloped with the respect paid to the Japanese master builders. The pageantry and traditions surrounding Kierin in Japan spoke to me. I learned from an american builder named Doug Fattic. He taught me brazing skills. Now the bicycle frame building supports me. There are no other source of income. I've built for 3 years part time and full time for 6 months.

3) Describe your work process. Which materials do you use for frames, which tubes? And why exactly? Any secrets or tips for guys who want to start their similar business?

Stanridge builds with steel. Many different types of steel have been used. Choosing the wall thickness and butt profiles and tube shapes helps the frame cope with intended use. Various tubes react differently to rider weight and wattage produced by the rider.

Frame building is tough. Not only does one need to have the skills necessary to build a frame - one must also know how to run a business. Take baby steps. Find outside money or marry rich. It's easy to slack off at your day job, one understands a check will come weekly. If you slack off doing your own thing you're not going to be eating.

Luckily, I took the business route in University. As with any business the saying goes "If it were easy everyone would do it."

I'm not a Bohemian. I'm not planning on building just enough frames to grow my garden and drink kombucha tea. I want to grow the brand develop a 2nd tier line and provide jobs to folks here in Columbus. Building one-off custom frames is not a sustainable business model. This is why you see business savvy builders extending their reach and digging into other markets. R. Sachs knows whats up. Ira Ryan, Vanilla (speedvagen).. they're all going the semi production route by accepting a shit ton of "pre-orders" in stock geo to create liquidity and busting them out... I'm diggin' this.

4) We saw different kinds of bikes on your site. Road bike (on modern and oldschool components, city bike and fixed gear of course). If it's not difficult for you please describe every project in a bit (we saw 4 bikes).

Woah! This is an overreaching question! Come on Alex! Let's talk about the HSP. The HSP really struck a nerve with people all around the world.

I was getting comfortable with fillet braze construction and wanted to really go after the vision in my head. The Cinelli Laser Air was my inspiration. 300 were made in the early 80's. Such a radical machine. I like to think of pursuits as "F1 Bikes" purpose built machines of speed, highly uncomfortable yet bearable enough to take out on a Sunday morning. Like an F1 racing car.. get it?

So on the prototype I wanted to use 700C wheels, utilize a BB30 shell, hide the seat post and keep the geometry within UCI specs. Why design a illegal track bike? Over the holiday of last year I was looking though a hotrod car book and noticed a killer paint scheme on a car designed to go fast on the bonneville salt flats. I modified the design and had it painted on the steel frame and carbon fork.

So the rest is history. I built it and sent it around the USA to be ridden and photographed by all the guys at the top of their game in the blogging world.

5) We love your logo! Who designed it? Few words about it.

My good friend David Butler (artofthemidwest.com). Thanks, he really knocked it out of the park.. Why? He's a bike nut. He truly understands the brand, the ascetic and the general cycling culture. I built him my first Track bike and soon my first single speed 29'er. He's taking the 29'er to Ireland to the Single Speed World Challenge.

6) Good prices for bikes! Is it possible to order bike and deliver to Russia, somebody of our readers might be interesting in buying.

They're going up at the end of the month! Let's not talk about how my labor per hour breaks down. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I ship bikes around the world. The internet is a beautiful thing. It connected you and I through a typed handshake.

7) Do you love sports? Do you training on bikes? Which type of bikes do you prefer: road or track? Any favorite cyclists? Are you ready to watch The Tour.

I've got to pull myself from eurosport every morning. The Tour is killing my productivity. It really upset my ex last year when I filled up the DVR with Tour Stages. I ride a bike everyday. I train three days a week. I race road and crit here in the US. Right now I'm gunning for Evans in the tour!

I've played sports my whole life. Soccer for 13 years. Track and Cross Country through primary, middle and high school.

New Tech

All Italian collaboration spotted by Fyxo.

What dissention?

The big man Griepel gets one, besting his ex-teammate Cav by just a wheel in a long sprint. Gilbert is the first to congratulate him.


stanridge bicycles - We're proud to announce our newest dealer. Take a moment to check out what they have to offer and stop by if...

Check out Stanridge's new partner in crime:

Lot 14, SCBD, Bengkel Basement, in Sudirman, Jakarta.

Hoogerland and Flecha still in

"Johnny Hoogerland (Vacansoleil-DCM), who made that dramatic flight into the barbed wire on Sunday, has hung on to start today's stage in the polka-dotted jersey of the King of the Mountains. He leads new yellow jersey Voeckler and Tejay Van Garderen (HTC-Highroad)."



The Science of a World Champion on the Track

Fascinating and really well done look at what it takes to go all out at the world class level.

Via The Bicycle Story.
"Flecha, who hurt his elbow, and Hoogerland, who lacerated his legs on a barbed-wire fence, were recovering on Monday and the Dutchman even went for a leisurely ride with his father."

from, NBC Sports.

Alright, this guy needs a new badass nickname. Any Suggestions?

Adam Interviewed on CycleEXIF



"A true hero. He still came on the podium to get the mountain/climbers jersey + the prize for the most competitive cyclist of the day. He came in 15 minutes after the pack. When he got hit by a car he was about 5 minutes in front of the pack. This is a true hero people!!! Lets hope he doesn't have to abandon. As I type this he's being checked in a hospital." - YouTube user

Also a good write up about the stage here on ITALIAN CYCLING JOURNAL.

Good luck to Hoogerland! Hope to see him out there again tomorrow!

Seagull Bags Photo Contest

See the all the photos on Seagull's Flickr.


The Miller Bike

From the Revolution Blog. We hand bent and fillet brazed the rack to match the lines of the leader frame. We also built the fork. Thanks to Revolution for including us on the wonderful build.

From Revolution Cycles:
  • Leader frame, with fork and rear rack by Stan Ridge Speed.
  • Phil Wood high-flange front hub.
  • Sturmey Archer kick-back rear hub
  • 700c wooden rims
  • Brooks Special copper-railed saddle.
  • Hand carved copper head-badge…and more

What's fater: Cavendish or the Space Shuttle?

Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off at 11:29 a.m. EST on July 8, 2011, to begin the STS-135 mission, the last of the shuttle program.

Number 2

Cavendish strikes again.

More bad luck for GC contenders...

Wiggins is not looking like he's going to get back on the bike. American Chris Horner was also involved in the same wreck but is receiving medical attention on his bike and trying bridge the gap.


Boasson Hagen

Fellow Norwegian Hushovd sprints to 3rd, retains yellow.





It was just a matter of time, right?

All grown up...

Stefan's rando looks like it's about ready to put in some big time mileage (kilometerage?). This bike is looking really great. Nice job Adam and Stefan!

RHC Milano

RHC MILANO from Pietro Malegori on Vimeo. Via Prolly.


Contador was involved in an early crash. He made it back into the peloton but looks a little roughed up. This has really an unlucky start for the defending champ. I think Robert Gesink was also involved in the same crash.

Tom Boonen was laid out shortly after Contador's crash. It's surprising that he got back on the bike and is still trying to make his way back into the group. Pretty hard-ass...


Evans edges out Contador in Stage 4 sprint

Evans, Vinokourov, Gilbert, Hushovd, Fränk Schleck, Sammy Sanchez, Klöden were all able to match Contador's acceleration on the short but steep Mûr de Bretagne. No major losses from other GC contenders. Is Evans the new favorite?


American Win on the 4th of July!

Farrar wins first Tour stage, second win in a row for Cervelo, Hushovd remains in yellow.


SKODA and Tour de France


On the eve of the Fourth of July, all four US based teams place in the top six in the return of the team time trial to the TdF. Contador drops further back. Full results from Cyclingnews.


Holy Sh!t! Think and shift!

Read this. It will blow your mind. I think this will change the future of high-end road bike components.

From Prolly.


TdF starts this Saturday

Stage 1: The Passage du Gois is a causeway joining the Île de Noirmoutier and Beauvoir sur Mer on the mainland, via Barbâtre, and is submerged by the tide twice a day. LeTour.fr
Via LE CONTAINER, not sure who or what...


From TOLA! Is it just me or is the most ridiculous (or sweet) thing about this the gear ratio?


Toyota x Parlee x Prolly

John over at Prolly has released an update to his ongoing project with Toyota and Parlee with some nice photos (as usual with John). Oddly enough, the bike is looking a little like the collaboration between Mclaren and Specialized. Props to Bob Parlee on a great looking build, John for the hype, and to Toyota for investing in a project like this. Really looking forward to future updates!