Café du Cycliste - Henriette Jersey

Café du Cycliste has an awesome line of cycling apparel that doesn't make you look like a weenie. The $165 price tag with shipping from Southern France on the jersey above is almost justifiable... Cop it here. (spotted on PEDAL Consumption)

"At Café du Cycliste we want to make you happy to wear cycling garments by avoiding the full polyester dogma and the mimicking of pro racing style. As a result we offer a range of technical and elegant cycling wear made with high-end fabrics and playing with kind of a retro style. Our principle is to avoid mixing the technical development and the styling. While the fabric selection and technical design are aimed at creating performance wear, the styling is deliberately elegance oriented. For the high-quality and beautiful product enthusiasts, we certainly offer the nicest cycling wear…in the solar system."

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