Highstreet Tour Update

John from Prolly received the Highstreet in Austin a couple days ago. John is a big guy and it sounds like he's finding a unique challenge working out a set up that fits him and his riding style.

"Dude, this thing is like 3 sizes too small for me. hah. I just rode it to the post office and back and thought I was going to die."

We're sure he'll figure out something. Who knows? Maybe the Highstreet would look great with a big old adjustable stem. Just kidding.

At the end of the week, once John is done (hopefully) mashing it into the pavement, the bike is off to Sean and Takeover LA! In an interesting turn of events, Sean mentioned that he may be able to get Tracko in on the tour while the bike is in LA, "Guest star shit ya dig?" And on top of that, Sean may even take the Highstreet with him up to the Bay Area with the opportunity for even more guest mashing from Macaframa, Mash, and Team Murder.

Things are getting exciting...

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