"The Grey Flash"

This is #1 of a limited run of 31 to be produced by Stanridge Speed for a client with a love for handmade limited run racing vehicles. Most all vintage motorbike experts agree 31 Vincent "Gray Flash's" were built between 1948-50.

The serial number of this Stanridge is a play on the original Vincent numbering system


Don Smith said...

I love this bike, the frame is amazing and I liket that you've chosen a vintage components, right? Like the brakeset?
Beautiful work.

Adam said...

Hi Don!
Thanks for the compliment. Yes, you're right. It's a vintage style but a modern piece CNC milled. Always feel free to comment ask questions!


Trenton Brulport said...


adam said...

Thx Trent

ROB said...

How have you dealt with need for a different chain size for track chain ring vs the cassette?