4 Jan Portfolio



4 JAN notes:::

Worked on fork components today. Not much progress. Hoped to cover more ground today. Upload order is off. Not sure how long the Xx kick will last. Started to worry about the fate of the warehouse(shop) today. Not quite sure what or where I'll go if it's taken by eminent domain. 2 folks have moved out in the 2 days.

Back to work. Bottom photo is a straight fork blade on my bender I made. I put 80 grit between the wood and metal to keep the blade from twisting during the raking process. I use my weight to bend the fork radius. I use my jig and an excel program to determine fork rake/offset. I worked the fork end caps with three files... ending with a swiss file #2. Buy good files and treat them well so they'll treat you well. Spent a fair amount of time on the the fork crown. They're rough (in my eyes) from sand casting. Details. Details.

Moved motorcycle into space today ending a few months of upheaval (my own doing)....this is what killed my output today as I had to commender Jacob and his enclosed trailer.

All the guys in the warehouse are great. Jacob is no exception. He pours the best concrete counter-tops I've ever seen. Check Jacob's work out here

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