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3 JAN notes::

This is the grey flash. We're keeping the look classic and bright. The brakes are "centerpull" meaning the caliper is pulled from the center. This is why you'll notice the brake cable bridge behind the seat cluster locating the brake line in the center of the caliper. In keeping with the clean theme all of the cable will be routed internal. **I'm loving the calipers. Today I worked with the internal routing in the top tube, cut and brazed the brake bridge (holds the caliper) made from scratch and hand bent the brake cable holder. **time today 9-6 sporadic breaks for black coffee and peanut butter and honey sandwiches ( 1 normal, 1 triple decker for dinner).
Had to trash one loaf because of resident mouse getting a belly full of a portion of 3 slices. Keeping food in metal file cabinet now. till tomorrow....

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