18 dec pursuit frame

18 dec notes:

*the post was a time suck. I brazed a binder to a round seattube, filed the keyhole and finished so sliding down into the aero tube would be possible. I cut an access hole to loosen and tighten binder bolt assembly from the exterior on the non drive side. I wanted to keep the exterior clean. I capped the seat tube with flat stock.

*seat stay was modified from original plan. now it will be fastback style with a complicated miter cut into the columbus aero stay. It will be semi wrap around.

*the fork isn't visually going to work with the design. The fat aero tubes make the traditional fork look anemic.

*I decided to run a 700c front and rear. most pursuits are 700c wheel size in the rear and a smaller 650c in the front.

*saddle to handle bar is 27 inches. normally pursuits are more aggressive.

*wheelbase is 915mm

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