Be Prepared.

3 trainer days/week, 1.0 to 1.25 hrs./session.
day 1: 10 min warmup, 1x20 just under ftp, 5 mins. recovery, 1x20 just under ftp, 5 to 10 mins cool down
day 2: 10 min warmup, 8x5' just under ftp, 1 to 2 mins recovery between reps, 5 to 10 mins cool down
day 3: 10 min warmup, friel pacing workout (google it), 5 to 10 mins cool down

day 1/2/3 are arbitrary, mix and match, repeat whichever one you like best, etc.

long ride of varying intensity with ap at L2/3, small group rides or rides with team mates to keep it interesting, avoid the big race pace group rides unless you need one for mental motivation. 3-ish hrs./ride.

that'll get you 9-ish hrs/week focusing on aerobic fitness. stay away from the temptation to mix in vo2 or awc work too soon, they tend to cause a gain fitness really fast, but also to lose fitness before it needs to be there.

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