40mm tires with Honjos

Finer than a frogs hair. That's what dad would say.

roll: and I spend some time looking for a specific tire. Jason said it "needs to be cream and fat." Seems like an easy find... wrong. After searching through every white tire. Had an eureka moment and scored these 40mm puppies. Fender fitment is spot on. 2mm wider we'd have issues.

Final placement of mounting struts and ride comes today when the 1/8" 15T cog arrives for the 3 speed hub. Didn't even think to look at the specs on the stock cog from Sturmey Archer.. Yeah.. It's 3/32" which didn't jive with the White Industry crank. Now we know.

You know when these bikes are built we're prototyping and problem solving as we go through the build process. It's part of the game. It takes a bit of time. Snapping fingers and done? Hardly.

On the back end of this bike alone we've got 40 hrs of fabrication and design. Hey ma' where did the profit go? We're "not making it rain" with this build..but hey thats not what it's about.(?) It's about the end product and the journey.

Brooklyn will be a finer place soon.


DoubleOhTwo said...

Can't wait to see this built up Ad!

Adam said...

Took it to powder today! Stay tuned!