Lug work

The city geometry wouldn't work with the casting of the Pacenti lugs. Solution? Cut the lug in half get the frame in the jig, tack the lug back together, lay a fillet down while the lug is off the bike.

Lug brazed into place.
** Neophytes take note: These guys soak up a lot of silver$$. I kept feeding,feeding,feeding into the shoreline. I'm accustomed to the Long Shen style lugs. The pacenti's make the long shen's look like babies.

Final Sand before brazing. Brazing is done with 56% silver.
Shot showing the penetration of brass through the lug wall.

Post braze before washing off the flux. I use green gasflux for the brass. Henry James brass is the only brass I'll buy to braze steel together.
Also, you'll notice the stanridge lug holder V2.0. Crafted out of the finest steel stock known to man.

A race frame I completed last week.

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