Building the Highstreet was fun for Stanridge. The Highstreet garnered an enormous amount of attention when it dropped and quickly became the most focal bike we've built to date. The attention has us real stoked. What's the point of building a beautifully functional bike and propping it in the corner or hanging it in the window of a shop never to get ridden?

We wanted to give back to the guys that have helped us find our feet. Sharing my plan with the boys here in Columbus confirmed the belief that the tour was definitely the path we were to take. The guys are going to take a load of video while they take their turn with the Highstreet. We're really looking forward to the project, video, feedback watching the project take place and sharing the outcome with you.

Prolly Is Not Probably
Boulder Valley Velodrome
PEDAL Consumption


Scotty Cramer said...

Is someone riding this bike completely across America? Or are people taking turns riding it around in different cities? Either way, very nice

Charlie said...

Scotty- The Highstreet is traveling by freight from location to location for local mashin'. But, I do like where your head is at.